High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

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history Rolf Falter
13 min reading time

The Dutch And Flemish Canon: Stuck Within National Frameworks

Comparing the Flemish Canon to the Canon of the Netherlands, historian Rolf Falter concludes that both canons are a collection of standalone stories, whereby contemporary political sensibilities and a quite nationalistic approach have influenced the selection of the subjects.

James Ensor c KMSKA
11 min reading time

James Ensor, Rebel For All Times

James Ensor was not just a crazy, angry, solitary painter of masks, he was also an authentic rebel who spent a lifetime using his voice to champion values that still hold true today.

2 augustijnermonniken verbrand hoge resolutie
history Guido Marnef
9 min reading time

Antwerp's Expunged Protestant Past

Two Antwerp monks were burned at the stake five hundred years ago because of their Lutheran beliefs. Their deaths remind us of a piece of the faded religious past of the Low Countries.

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