The L-Spot
society Derek Blyth
2 min reading time

Welcome to Utopia

Utopia is not always an imaginary place. That is what Derek Blyth discovered when he entered the stunning city library of Aalst.

Schermafbeelding 2020 06 26 om 12 21 26
literature Tom Christiaens
3 min reading time

And the Winners Are…

No less than three important literary prizes for Dutch-language writers were announced this week. Awards for literary fiction, a poetry debut and a complete oeuvre.

Corona royals
language Jaap de Jong
11 min reading time

Who Gave the Most Royal Corona Speech?

Many European rulers gave speeches during the corona crisis. How did they infuse their words with power? What meanings did Willem-Alexander’s concerned look and Filip’s stiff facial expression lend to their messages? And who gave the best speech?

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