High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

Tour of Flanders
Leuven stadhuis 10418 xl
society Derek Blyth
18 min reading time

The Leuven Is Easy

On a visit to the university town of Leuven, Derek Blyth discovers one of Europe’s smartest cities, some of Belgium’s best bars and a walk that takes you to the edge of time.

Tour of Flanders
Maneschijn dewolkendirigent c Miriam Van Damme
society Derek Blyth
16 min reading time

Ode to Mechelen

On a trip to Mechelen, Derek Blyth discovers lost mediaeval rivers, Beethoven’s Flemish roots and the world’s oldest carillon school.

The L-Spot
Avswhatsapp image 2021 05 13 at 12 08 46 1
1 min reading time

Art in the Chapel

An abandoned sixteenth-century chapel in Ghent was given a new lease of life thanks to internationally renowned artist Berlinde de Bruyckere.

Red Morley Hewitt Unsplash
language Ton Lemaire
10 min reading time

Irksome English

Why do the Dutch so readily turn to the English language? Cultural philosopher Ton Lemaire has long been bothered by the use of English words when there exists a perfectly good Dutch alternative.

1 Dolk in gevangenis Halden
13 min reading time

Striving for a World Without Bars

His experience as a jury member in a criminal trial led writer Peter Vermeersch to delve into alternatives to imprisonment, and to discover a world that was far removed from naïve dreams or bizarre utopias.

Conceptual engineering c Lauren Fonteyn
language Nina Haket
7 min reading time

In Search of a Language Utopia

‘Conceptual engineering’ tries to improve the way we speak about concepts. But is it possible to ‘improve’ language? And if so, how should we go about it?

The Sea Within Danny Willems18D11121
7 min reading time

Voetvolk: Surrender Without Submission

Into the Open is a new performance by Voetvolk. Read this portrait from 2019 of unconventional dancer Lisbeth Gruwez, composer Maarten Van Cauwenberghe and their company Voetvolk.

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