High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

13 Dutch Books You Need To Read This Autumn (2022)

13 Dutch Books You Need To Read This Autumn (2022)

Why not read a book by a Dutch or Flemish author? Here you will find a selection of books that recently have been translated into English, most of them with the support of the Dutch Foundation for Literature or Flanders Literature. You’ll find more translated literature in this database.


The Leash and the Ball

Author: Rodaan Al Galidi
Translator: Jonathan Reeder
Publisher: World Editions
Original title: Holland (De Vrije Uitgevers, 2020)

The Hitchhiker

Author: Gerwin van der Werf
Translator: David Colmer
Publisher: Text
Original title: Een onbarmhartig pad (Atlas Contact, 2018)


Nachoem M. Wijnberg

Author: Nachoem M. Wijnberg
Translator: David Colmer
Publisher: New York Review of Books
Original title: Een keuze uit het werk

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The Philosopher, the Dog and the Wedding

Author & Illustrator: Barbara Stok
Translator: Michele Hutchison
Publisher: SelfMadeHero
Original title: De filosoof, de hond en de bruiloft (Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2021)

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Author: Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem
Translator: Kristen Gehrman
Publisher: Levine Querido
Original title: IJzerkop (Querido, 2019)

The Little Captain

Author: Paul Biegel
Illustrator: Carl Hollander
Translator: Patricia Crampton
Publisher: Pushkin Press
Original title: De kleine kapitein (Holland, 1970)



Author: Servaas Binge
Translator: David Shaw
Publisher: Scribe
Original title: Immuun (Borgerhoff & Lamberigts, 2020)


Authors: Thalia Verkade & Marco te Brömmelstroet
Translator: Fiona Graham
Publisher: Scribe
Original title: Het recht van de snelste (De Correspondent, 2020)

We, Hominids

Author: Frank Westerman
Translator: Sam Garret
Publisher: Head of Zeus/Black Inc.
Original title: Wij, de mens (Querido, 2018)

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Johan Cruijff

Author: Auke Kok
Translator: Liz Waters
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Original title: Johan Cruijff (Hollands Diep, 2019)

World of Patterns

Author: Rens Bod
Translator: Leston Buell
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Original title: Een wereld vol patronen (Prometheus, 2019)

A Good and Dignified Life

Author: Joke Hermsen
Translator: Brendan Monaghan
Publisher: Yale University Press
Original title: Het tij keren (Prometheus, 2019)


Author: Steven Derix & Marina Shelkunova
Translator: Brent Annable
Publisher: Canbury Press
Original title: Zelensky (Alfabet, 2022)

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