A Boxful of Styles. The Work of Jan Toorop
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A Boxful of Styles. The Work of Jan Toorop

(Nico J. Brederoo) The Low Countries - 1996, № 4, pp. 239-238

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The Dutch painter Jan Theodoor Toorop (1858-1928) enjoyed considerable fame throughout much of Europe at the turn of the century, but it seems that now he is only studied in the Netherlands. While most general books on art contain his Symbolist works, these days much of his oeuvre is unknown outside his own country. This is partly because, at the beginning of his career, Toorop was often tempted into new styles which he sometimes employed simultaneously, and partly because, towards the end of his life, he lapsed into producing fairly rigid Catholic works. Nevertheless, through his many periods abroad and the rapidity with which he picked up a new style, Jan Toorop contributed much to the innovations in twentieth-century Dutch art.

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