A Museum of Museums.The Story of the Teyler Museum
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A Museum of Museums.The Story of the Teyler Museum

(Anneke Wertheim) The Low Countries - 1997, № 5, pp. 172-177

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With the opening of its new wing in 1996, visitors to the Teyler Museum in Haarlem are now better able than ever before to enjoy the treasures of this oldest (1784) public museum in the Netherlands. For more than two centuries art and science have been exhibited side by side in this unique museum with its exclusively natural lighting and its outstanding exhibits in many fields. For more than two centuries the combination of art and science, natural light and a magnificent interior has made the Teyler Museum unique. Those who have no interest in art, but come for the minerals, are nevertheless confronted with Art. Those who are only interested in art and do not care for physics are nevertheless fascinated by the large electrostatic generator and other treasures from the worlds of nature and technology to be discovered in the museum. The view of the testator Pieter Teyler that art, knowledge and science enrich mankind, still holds good today.

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