A Plantation Turned Hotel. The Built Heritage of Suriname
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A Plantation Turned Hotel. The Built Heritage of Suriname

(Michel Bakker, Olga van der Klooster) The Low Countries - 2005, № 13, pp. 163-171

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The addition of the historic city centre of Paramaribo to the UNESCO World Heritage List was due to the exceptional value of this piece of cultural heritage. At the same time virtually nothing remains of Suriname's traditional plantation culture. Conservation organisations in Suriname, such as the Urban Heritage Foundation Suriname (Stichting Gebouwd Erfgoed Suriname), recognise the importance of gaining international recognition for Paramaribo's heritage. They are committed not only to preserving the city, with its striking monuments such as the cathedral, but also to preserving and revitalising the outlying districts. The renovation and reuse of the Frederiksdorp plantation has been a spearhead project in this. When the restoration was finished, Frederiksdorp was designated a listed monument – the first listed plantation in Suriname. And the Commandant's residence is now the home of the manager of the plantation turned hotel.

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