A Sea of Models. The Second International Architecture Biennial in Rotterdam
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A Sea of Models. The Second International Architecture Biennial in Rotterdam

(Marieke van Rooy) The Low Countries - 2006, № 14, pp. 264-265

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As preparations for the second International Architecture Biennial in Rotterdam forged ahead under the apocalyptic title The Flood, the surging waters of the tsunami were wreaking havoc in Asia. This event was a chilling reminder of the disastrous impact that water can have on man and the landscape, a reminder reinforced later in the year by hurricane Katrina's onslaught on the US and its impact on New Orleans – wind and water allied against the land. Over the past few years it has become increasingly clear that, although it is unlikely that the Netherlands will be hit in the same way as the countries affected by the tsunami, rising sea levels do pose a threat to the Dutch landscape. Problems relating to water were the theme for the biennial, which was organised by Adriaan Geuze, landscape architect and director of the West 8 firm of landscape architects. The Rotterdam Architecture Biennial is characterised by its thematic approach. It consisted of several exhibitions, each presenting a different perspective on the theme of water.

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