Against the Status Quo. Louis Paul Boon in a Wider Literary Context
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Against the Status Quo. Louis Paul Boon in a Wider Literary Context

(Jane Fenoulhet) The Low Countries - 1998, № 6, pp. 232-237

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Louis Paul Boon (1912-1979) stands apart from other Flemish writers of his generation because of his insistence on finding his own voice. That distinct voice combines a rootedness in Boon's own particular Flemish locality outskirts of Aalst, a provincial Flemish town — with an emphatic and aggressive refusal to be bound by dominant literary conventions or dominant political and social ideals. Boon's dïstrust of authority finds expression both in his choice of subject which is fiercely critical of those in power, and in his narration itself with a narrator who is as far removed as possible from the traditional all-powerful narrator with his seamless plot and neat ending. (with a translated extract from ‘Chapel Road' by Louis Paul Boon).

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