Former Anne Frank House Can Be Visited via Google Street View
© Anne Frank House
© Anne Frank House © Anne Frank House

Former Anne Frank House Can Be Visited via Google Street View

The Amsterdam house where Anne Frank's family lived before they had to hide can now be viewed in 360 degree on Google Street View.

To mark Anne Frank’s 90th birthday, Google Arts & Culture takes you inside her house on the Merwedeplein. There she first wrote in her diary that she received as a gift when she was thirteen.

The images give a special insight into all the rooms, including the bedroom that Anne shared with her sister Margot. The house is decorated in the style of the 1930s, when the Frank family lived there.

The images of the house are part of a new online exhibition entitled Anne Frank's former home, in which the life stories of Anne Frank and her family are told before they had to hide in a house at the Prinsengracht. The exhibition contains all kinds of documents, such as the only video known to exist of Frank - captured by chance as she looked out of her window at newlyweds, along with the only known photo of her parents and sister.

The house has been rented out to the Dutch Foundation for Literature since 2005 and serves as accommodation for foreign writers who cannot work freely in their own country. According to Ronald Leopold, managing director of the Anne Frank House, it is a place where "freedom, tolerance and freedom of speech are given room to breathe".

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