High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

Infection Welcome! Het muziek Lod
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Infection Welcome! Het muziek Lod

(Yves Knockaert) The Low Countries - 2005, № 13, pp. 259-261

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Het muziek Lod in Ghent presents itself as a platform for all-round musicians who take a very broad view of their own domain and are open to music theatre and other art forms. During a fifteen-year voyage of discovery, Het muziek Lod has established a unique place for itself in the world of Flemish – and international – music and music-theatre. Without fear of the new, the old, the alternative or the unknown, the composers are developing their own individual oeuvres which do not fit into any one category, and which are increasingly characterised by a sense of social engagement. Music is blended with dance, theatre, text, video. This blending occurs not only between the disciplines, but in the music itself. The credo is ‘Infection is not a danger but a must', and this is borne out by the work of the four resident composers.

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