Mobility: Absurdity and Poetry, Economics and Stubbornness
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Mobility: Absurdity and Poetry, Economics and Stubbornness

(Pieter Leroy) The Low Countries - 2004, № 12, pp. 12-21

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Mobility is much more than the technical phenomenon of people moving from one place to another and using infrastructure, taking up space and getting in the way of others in the process. Understanding mobility, to say nothing of regulating it, also demands a grasp of its deep-rooted, absurd and intractable character. Mobility is deeply rooted in our culture, in our society and in our economy. The urge for mobility and the realisation of that desire has produced outstanding human achievements and wonderful cultural products. But mobility costs us a great deal as well: space, environment, health, human lives. We cannot get much more mobile than we are now. But the desire is so deep-seated, and mobility is such a great good that we are apparently prepared to pay that price.

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