The Netherlands Antilles and Surinam, Treasure-Chests of Dutch-Language Literature
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Our Colonial Legacy

The Netherlands Antilles and Surinam, Treasure-Chests of Dutch-Language Literature

(Max Nord ) The Low Countries - 1994, № 2, pp. 251-257

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Dutch-language literature in the former colonial territories of the Netherlands Antilles, a group of islands in the Caribbean, did not flourish fully until 300 years after the Dutch West India Company first established itself on the islands. In Surinam Dutch-language literature appears to be dying out more quickly than in the Netherlands Antilles. It seems likely that closer links will develop with the surrounding South American countries, though which language will then gain the upper hand is impossible to foresee at this time. All that can be said with certainty today is that the literature of both the Netherlands Antilles and Surinam has contributed a great deal to the enrichment of Dutch literature in general, and has come to form a permanent part of that literature.

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