The Richness of Imagination. Children's Books in the Netherlands
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The Richness of Imagination. Children's Books in the Netherlands

(Joke Linders) The Low Countries - 1995, № 3, pp. 10-20

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In recent years Dutch authors and illustrators have become firmly established figures in the international literary trade. In the words of the travel guides, the modem Dutch children's book is ‘different, witty, innovative, courageous and also literary'. A climate change has taken place in the Netherlands which has created room for experiments with language, imagery and imagination. The ghost of moral edification appears to have been laid to rest for ever by the revolution in form. Children nowadays are brought up on a diet of exciting images and inspired words. The plea for children's literature not to be regarded any longer as an appendage to ‘real' literature, but as a crucial part of it, will give a boost to publishers, authors, critics and academics who labour to turn out artistic and literary products of high quality for children.

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