High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

DLL 2 2023 kaft vooraan LR
DLL 2 2023 kaft vooraan LR
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de lage landen

de lage landen – formerly Ons Erfdeel – is a quarterly Flemish-Dutch magazine that has been reporting about everything related to language, the arts, literature, history and society in the Low Countries ever since 1957. de lage landen takes its time – and the necessary space – to delve deep into subjects, always mindful of nuance and with plenty of attention to detail.

Level-headed and thorough, well-informed and well-written: those are the qualities we look for in each one of our articles. In doing so, we can offer the de lage landen readership something they cannot find elsewhere. Why? Because we believe in excellent content, and take our readers seriously.

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Cover Sept3
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Septentrion is a magazine that has been targeting French speakers since 1972 and – of course, in French – provides a window into the arts, literature and culture in Flanders and the Netherlands. Septentrion pays particular attention to the mutual cultural influence between the French-speaking and Dutch-speaking regions. The magazine is a successful way for Dutch speakers to reach out to French speakers.

The journal is one of a kind and is available throughout the French-speaking world. It is an excellent way to break down linguistic barriers and to improve the relationship between French speakers and Dutch speakers.

Since 2020, Septentrion is published twice a year as a bookazine.

Standing Tall in Babel

Different authors

16 European authors write about their own language and all the other languages that play a part in their lives. Also in French.

Digitaal abonnement the low countries
Digitaal abonnement the low countries

the low countries digital

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