High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


A Country Divided. Of Old and New Boundaries

After a fairly hysterical decade, the Netherlands is a divided country, not explosively divided and torn apart, but without a heartfelt concern for the public interest in general. That is the cutting thesis of the author.


‘Nothing helps'. The Poems of Hans Faverey

The spring of 1993, almost three years after his death, saw the publication of the ‘Collected Poems' of Hans Faverey (1933-1990): just over five hundred poems in one sober volume on india paper, in an almost classical format. Although the b...


Arranger of Voices. The Literary Work of Leo Pleysier

Leo Pleysier is, in some sense, a writer of small literature. His gaze is not fixed on literary history, nor on the all-embracing and universal, the themes not tied to time and place in which ‘the Great' seem to feel so at home. He has stri...


The Heart that Skips a Beat. Charlotte Mutsaers' Poetic Prose

Charlotte Mutsaers is not one of those writers whose goal is a revolutionary new form at all costs, nor is her aim that of for instance Italo Calvino, to write a totally different book that bears no relation to previous books each time. On ...


A Lost World. The Work of Erwin Mortier

In 2001 the Flemish writer Erwin Mortier had two books to his name – together hardly more than three hundred pages, but more than enough to warrant the assessment that Dutch literature has been enriched with a new sound. And what is so rema...


Prometheus Unbound. Essays as an Orphic Counterforce

The books mentioned in this essay testify to mental resistance. The fact that they are there at all is nothing short of a miracle. They embody an ambition which runs counter to the cynical neo-Liberalism that has the world in its devastati...


The Search for Lost Authority. The 1960s – Again

It is one of the ironic quirks of history that some of the core concepts of the anti-authoritarian movements of the 1960s should re-emerge unchanged a couple of decades later, though pointing in the opposite direction, in the publicity and...

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