Looking for the Other Self. The Work of Kristien Hemmerechts

In a relatively short time Kristien Hemmerechts has become one of the most prominent of her generation of authors, a large group who are innovative in different fields. In the second half of the eighties, that group brought a long period of...


Tom Lanoye, Literary Multinational

Flemish story-writer, novelist, playwright, translator, columnist, pamphleteer and performer, Tom Lanoye is a versatile and much talked-about author. During the course of his twenty-year career, he has become an authority in various literar...


A Book Full of Longing. Tommy Wieringa and 'Joe Speedboat'

'Joe Speedboat' has a very particular charm. The writing is clear and realistic and at the same time imbued with an enchanting imagination. It is simple and easy to read and yet very intelligently conceived with striking details that stick ...

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