High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


Drama with a Touch of Humour; Jan Steen at the Mauritshuis

Jan Steen (1626-1679) was one of the most productive and popular painters of the ‘Golden Age’ in the Netherlands. He worked for both the free market and wealthy collectors and is best known for his depictions of chaotic households, inn sce...


Riddles regarding Carel Fabritius

The 17th-century Dutch painter Fabritius was highly regarded in his own time. That comes as no surprise when you see what he was capable of in his self-portraits, ‘The Goldfinch', or ‘The Raising of Lazarus'. However, many of Fabritius' wor...


Museum Explorer

Never a dull moment in Flanders and The Netherlands. Art, history, language or literature, you name it, there is a museum for everyone's taste in the Low Countries. Let Museum Explorer be your guide.


What Do the Dutch Want to Maintain?

In the last episode of the series ‘The DNA of the Netherlands’, we find out what the national motto ‘Je maintiendrai’ really stands for.


Museum MORE Ensures Rehabilitation Of Realism

Museum MORE specializes in a movement that has long been ignored: realism. If that is not enough reason to travel to Gelderland, there is always the world's largest collection of works by Carel Willink.


The Malleable Rembrandt

Dutch art often appears in debates about identity, and this always happens in terms of what is 'own' and 'foreign' to it. Rembrandt in particular turns out to be very 'malleable'.

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