High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


Spread the Spark

Editor-in-chief Luc Devoldere bids his readers farewell.


The World Was Drinking and Whoring

In a new book by our publisher Ons Erfdeel vzw, experts state that a lot of institutions and systems that were built up after the Second World War are at risk today.


Moving Verses

Getting young people excited about contemporary Dutch-language poetry. With that goal in mind, Flemish-Dutch cultural institution Ons Erfdeel vzw and Poëziecentrum vzw joined forces. Their collaboration resulted in the video poetry project ...


Our Top Podcasts of the Year

Sit down, relax and listen to the podcasts we have published this year on the fascinating history of the Low Countries.


The Tulip: the Myth, the Mania and the Man

We dig up the bulbs of the past, trim the stems of historical myth and emerge with a lustrous vase of understanding as to where the tulip came from, how it came into vogue in the Dutch Republic and what place the flower holds today in the N...


Simon Gronowski's Great Escape from the 20th Nazi Convoy

92-year-old Holocaust survivor Simon Gronowski talks about his spectacular escape from a deportation train to Auschwitz, why he befriended the son of Flemish Nazi supporters, and reminds us why we should remain vigilant against political ex...

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