Dutch Brazil (1624-1654) and Its Legacy

The book The Legacy of Dutch Brazil offers a rich collection of contributions on Johan Maurits of Nassau-Siegen’s stay in Brazil as statesman and governor of New Holland, but also on the cultural legacy of that period in the Netherlands, B...


Swallows and Floating Horses

Lovers of Frisian literature and translation gathered at University College London for an evening of Frisian culture around the great new bilingual anthology Swallows and Floating Horses.


Double Dutch and Beyond

The United Kingdom and The Netherlands' shared history has a big and often funny impact on each other's language.


English in the Low Countries Today

English is necessary, useful and beneficial as a global lingua franca, but there is and will always be linguistic diversity and multilingualism. We will always need other languages besides English.


Poetics of Postcolonial Art. The Installations of Ana Torfs

Ana Torfs’s beautifully crafted, enchanting, experimental and postcolonial installations start out from established European conventions of art and reality, but then step outside and present us with a multimodal Gesamtkunstwerk, made with ...


Digital Humanities and Low Countries Culture

Michel Foucault may have predicted the end of the humanities, but today Digital Humanaties, the digital revolution and the virtual world are offering a new beginning. In the process, our humanities research and how this is being done will ...


Speaking Dutch – Past, Present and Future

All around the world today, English, as the language of globalisation, is rapidly spreading everywhere. In a number of EU member states this development has triggered debate about the future of their own national language. The language issu...


A Reynard for Our Time

Animal tales are among the most ancient, widespread and enduringly popular forms of storytelling. In Low Countries literature, one animal tale stands out in particular: Reynard the Fox, a brilliant contribution to the genre. Ranking fourth...


Dutch Cultural Policy. A European Appraisal

For a number of years now the Council of Europe in Strasbourg has conducted a programme for the evaluation of the national cultural policies of its member states. In 1993 it was the Netherlands' turn to be assessed (review of ‘Cultural Poli...


The Dutch Church in London. Past and Present

About the long, rich and continuing history of the Dutch Reformed Church at Austin Friars in the City of London. After 444 years it is alive and well – a corner of a foreign field that is forever Holland.


The Other Languages of the Netherlands

Salverda discusses the multilingualism of Dutch society as the consequence of continuing migration. The strong, open economy attracts people to the Netherlands from a multitude of countries, so that today over a hundred languages are spoken...


Frisian Language and Culture Today

About efforts and initiatives in the field of Frisian cultural and linguistic policy and the production of new and succesful works of art and imagination in Frisian which enhance the quality and diversity of Frisian cultural life.


Beekman's Indies

Review of E.M. Beekman's 'Troubled Pleasures. Dutch Colonial Literature from the East Indies 1600-1950' (Oxford, 1996).


Dutch Books in London Libraries

About Dutch and Flemish books in a number of London collections, constituting a cultural capital waiting to be discovered and explored.


A Season of Flemish and Dutch Poetry

Review of 'Dutch Poetry in Translation: Kaleidoscope. From Medieval Times to the Present' (Wilmette, IL, 1998) and 'Modern Poetry in Translation: Dutch and Flemish Issue' (London, 1998)


The Death of the Village. Geert Mak's ‘Jorwerd'

A review of Geert Mak's Jorwerd, the Death of the Village in Late Twentieth-Century Europe, an account of the slow death of the small village in the northern province of Friesland where the author spent his youth (Geert Mak, Jorwerd. The De...


Women in the Dutch colonies

The central theme of Elsbeth Locher-Scholten's new book on Women and the Colonial State is how, especially and increasingly during the first half of the twentieth century, Dutch and Indonesian women, despite their shared aspirations, were k...


Selective Affinities. Anglo-Dutch Relations, 1780-1980

Review of Unspoken Allies, a book focussing on Anglo-Dutch relations between 1780 and 1980 (Nigel Ashton et al., Unspoken Allies. Anglo-Dutch Relations since 1780. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2001).


Languages in Competition

Review of Words of the World, a book on language rivalry in the global language system (Abram de Swaan, Words of the World. The Global Language System. Cambridge: Polity Press/ Blackwell, 2001)


English = Dutch. A Dossier of Compelling Evidence

History has left many a Dutch mark on the English language. There is a sizeable English vocabulary of Dutch origin and borrowing from Dutch is an ongoing process, as witness recent additions like apartheid, coffeeshop, lekker and gabber mus...


The Other Ninety-Six Languages of the Netherlands

For many years now the languages spoken by immigrant minorities in the countries of Europe have been the main concern of Professor Guus Extra of the University of Brabant in Tilburg, who has now published a substantial academic monograph on...


Rudy Kousbroek and the Art of Memory

Kousbroek is the author of an oeuvre of mesmerising richness and diversity, ranging from poetry and language, photography, the archaeology of motorcars, travel, literature, children, cats and other animals, through memory, emotions and the ...


Dutch Jewry

Review of two books about Jews in the Netherlands: Jonathan Israel and Reinier Salverda (eds.), Dutch Jewry, Its History and Secular Culture (1500-2000). Leiden / Boston / Cologne: Brill, 2002 and J.C.H. Blom, R.G. Fuks-Mansfeld and I. Schö...

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