High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands



Flemish-Dutch cultural institution deBuren asked eighteen young writers to bring seventeenth-century artefacts from the Rijksmuseum to life. They wrote prose texts and poems and created comics and audio stories in response to the question: looking at these objects, what eureka moments do you see?

Zindzi Tillot c Marianne Hommersom
literature Zindzi Tillot
1 min reading time

Zindzi Tillot: buzzbuzzbuzz

A silver-lidded ewer in ‘lobed’ or ‘auricular’ style, made by Adam van Vianen (I), inspired Zindzi Tillot to write a text.

Gidi Pols c Marianne Hommersom
literature Gidi Pols
1 min reading time

Gidi Pols: .Monaco Dining.

Gidi Pols wrote a poem inspired by the financial story behind 'Portrait of Rogier Le Witer, Antwerp Merchant' by painter Jacob Jordaens.

Femke Zwiep
literature Femke Zwiep
2 min reading time

Femke Zwiep: Brilliant

Femke Zwiep has written a poem in response to a balance standard with a counterweight from the workshop of Wenzel Jamnitzer.

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