The L-Spot

You think you know Flanders and the Netherlands. But take it from us, you haven’t seen anything yet. British journalist Derek Blyth takes you on microadventures to L-Spots, hidden and exciting places in the Low Countries.

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history Derek Blyth
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The Long Farewell

Every evening since 1928, a group of buglers has sounded the Last Post in Ypres to honour the soldiers who died in WWI in Flanders Fields.

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3 min reading time

Poems for Lonely Funerals

In 2002, the Dutch poet F. Starik came up with the idea of the Poule des doods – a pool of poets who write and read a poem for the people who have no mourners at their funeral.

society Derek Blyth
2 min reading time

Welcome to Utopia

Utopia is not always an imaginary place. That is what Derek Blyth discovered when he entered the stunning city library of Aalst.

Bijenkofr binnen
society Derek Blyth
2 min reading time

The Busy Beehive

The oldest Dutch department store chain De Bijenkorf is celebrating its 150th year.

history Derek Blyth
2 min reading time

The World According to Gerardus

Derek Blyth pays tribute to the man who has shown us the way for more than four hundred years: the Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator.

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2 min reading time

The Strange Art of Pieter Bruegel

Walking through Brussels, sooner or later you will come across Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his enigmatic art. Derek Blyth would join you in a minute.

Sander van den Bosch
society Derek Blyth
2 min reading time

Football Fans and a Farting Dog

Since it was established in 1971, ‘De Engelbewaarder’ has been known as the first literary café in the Netherlands. Not only John Irving once drank a beer there.

society Derek Blyth
2 min reading time

Smoked Sausages and Sensible Knickers

Whoever visits the Netherlands, can't ignore them. Sooner or later you walk into one of the 550 Hema shops to buy a bicycle bell, sandwich or stapler. The brand is as Dutch as the tulip.

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society Derek Blyth
2 min reading time

A Whiter Shade of Car

The bicycle and car sharing that we know today can be traced back to the ‘White Bicycles’ and ‘White Cars’ initiated by the Provo movement.

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