At the Heart of Society. The Nation by Het Nationale Theater

Over the last two or three years theatre makers in the Low Countries have become increasingly involved in the cultural diversity debate. In their different ways, they take seriously their mission of manifesting ‘the abstract and brief chro...


Tension in Controversy. The Cabaret of Hans Teeuwen

Hans Teeuwen is a theatre wizard for whom the right term has yet to be coined. The term ‘cabaret artist’ does not do him justice, as the concept is still attached to a mixture of diverse stage genres such as narrative and poetic art or son...


Eccentric, Venomous, Topical Wunderbaum Theatre

This Dutch theatre company has given us “location” theatre, eccentric, sharp and never far removed from commentary on subcultures. Now the great actors of this group are exploring new ways and seeking for a new public.


An Anatomy of Dutch Cabaret

Dutch cabaret is unique in the world. That at least is what Dutch people believe. In a country that has always been a melting pot of cultures and influences owing its existence to its neighbours, this cannot be true. An overview of the genr...


Enough of Laughter? The Unbridled Expansion of Dutch Cabaret

Freek de Jonge and Youp van 't Hek are perhaps the only two who could compete with each other for the prize of the top cabaret artist in the Netherlands, but both are now in the autumn of their careers. ‘Le grand cabaret', the art of such d...


Multicultural Theatre: Diversity Unites

One can rejoice in the fact that immigrant participation in both Dutch-speaking and foreign-language theatre has been going on for years, long before the government decided to attach importance to it. About the Onafhankelijk Toneel, Het Wat...


An Ode to Transience. Terschellings Oerol

Oerol – a ten-day, international summer festival of theatre which includes music and dance, and also a wide variety of visual arts. The first festival, in the summer of 1982, did little more than blaze the trail. Now each year the whole isl...


Theater Based on Commitment. The New Realism of Trust

Trust has developed from a small, unsubsidised group of like-minded theatre-makers, into a company that can bear comparison with the large ensembles in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. It is a company that wants to mirror a new era, a ti...


Fifty Years of Shakespeare in Diever

The 50-year-old tradition of the open-air theatre in Diever may confidently said to be unique, because these Dutch amateurs consistently play the work of a single author - Shakespeare, whose most popular plays seem to lend themselves except...


Dogtroep. Nomads of the Wild Theatre

About Dogtroep's unique total theatre which transcends ordinary theatrical limitations. The Dogtroep nomads' wild, visual and musical theatre has developed into an important Dutch cultural export item.


‘I'll Call You God, You Powers'. Fifteen Poems

A collection of poems about belief, unbelief and the difficulty of faith: ?Hadewijch, Jacobus Revius, Joost van den Vondel, Nikolaas Beets, Guido Gezelle, J.A. dér Mouw, Pierre Kemp, Martinus Nijhoff, Maurice Gilliams, Gerrit Achterberg, Id...

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