High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


I Found a Form. Hubert Van Herreweghen: Seventy Years a Poet

One can be for seventy years a poet and still get better. Van Herreweghen is in no way an innovator but his languages sings and dances. He observes the world with smiling detachment. The seasons pass as they always have, the farmer goes on...


Green Pastures. Rutger Kopland (1934-2012)

In the Dutch-speaking world Kopland has always been a popular and fêted poet. Readers have sought solace in his casual wisdom. His poetry provides a space for spiritual reflection, albeit abandoned by God.


All Said Before. Menno Wigman’s Ennui

There have always been poets who deliberately resign themselves to the existence of tradition and renounce all claims to originality. Menno Wigman (1966) is one of them. This Dutch Baudelaire describes the decadent ennui of his generation ...


Tear Down This House. The Poetry of Tonnus Oosterhoff

Where does modern poetry end? You can discuss this for a long time too, but Gerbrandy suspects that if we look back in 2050, we shall find that modern poetry in the Netherlands ends with Tonnus Oosterhoff (1953-). Ever since his debut in 1...


How Free is Dutch-Language Poetry?

Anyone reviewing the landscape of the Dutch-language poetry of the last few years is bound to note that it is flourishing, that it is characterised by an enormously multi-facetted structure and that, considering its negligible economic imp...


Double Dutch and Beyond

The United Kingdom and The Netherlands' shared history has a big and often funny impact on each other's language.

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