A Naturally Gifted Painter. The Work of Anthony van Dyck
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A Naturally Gifted Painter. The Work of Anthony van Dyck

(Christopher Brown) The Low Countries - 1998, № 6, pp. 12-23

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Van Dyck' s influence on painting not only in England but also in Italy and the Low Countries was profound and long-lasting. He transformed portrait painting in the three cities in which he worked. In Genoa his style was imitated by a whole generation of native painters. In Antwerp his manner was taken up not only by the local portraitists but throughout the Netherlands. In Amsterdam, for example, the fashionable portraits of Bartholomeus van der Helst and Govert Flinck reveal a profound debt to Van Dyck in scale, technique and composition. In England the revolution in portrait painting from medieval icon to modern portrait, begun by his Low Countries predecessors at the English court, was brought to a triumphant conclusion by Van Dyck.

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