‘An Utrecht lady's charms'. Belle van Zuylen / Isabelle de Charrière
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‘An Utrecht lady's charms'. Belle van Zuylen / Isabelle de Charrière

(P.H. Dubois) The Low Countries - 1994, № 2, pp. 125-130

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A portrait of the eighteenth-century Dutch-woman who has in recent years been the subject of two biographies, one in Dutch and one in English, as well as studies and dissertations in America and Europe, and about whom there have been plays and a film, undoubtedly therefore a remarkable person. So remarkable in fact, that the Institute of Womens' Studies in Amsterdam is named after her. She owes her reputation to her writing, her character, her ideas and her emancipated personality. Moreover, she knew English history and praised the British parliamentary system, which she offered as a model for the Netherlands. It is therefore not surprising that English scholars have recently shown a keen interest in Belle van Zuylen

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