Cocooning with a View. Glocal Literature by Pol Hoste
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Cocooning with a View. Glocal Literature by Pol Hoste

(Frank Hellemans) The Low Countries - 2005, № 13, pp. 177-183

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When Pol Hoste is in Montreal, to him forever Montréal, his thoughts often drift back to when he was a young boy sitting with his family staring in silence at a sooty black cauldron full of pig swill. But when he's at home in his own little back garden, it's as if he's (almost) swamped by the history of the world. Pol Hoste, balancing on the edge of what is linguistically possible in literature, is a prototypical ‘glocal' writer, someone who continually mixes the global with the local. The world seems to be his village, but at the same time that village is also the world. (with three translated extracts by Pol Hoste)

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