The Artist as Sharpshooter. The Visual Precision of Liza May Post
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The Artist as Sharpshooter. The Visual Precision of Liza May Post

(Tineke Reijnders) The Low Countries - 2005, № 13, pp. 234-245

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The oeuvre of Liza May Post consists of images that you can never forget, but which are difficult to describe. They are vivid and concise, but they operate on ambiguous levels of reality. Photographed or filmed with great visual precision, the scenes engender confusion and emotional agitation. In a bit over ten years, Post has created a compact series of works. They all bear her unique artistic signature, yet there's no question of thematic repetition. Every piece encompasses a stand-alone world and speaks the language of a young woman: although this art is not explicitly autobiographical, the feminine condition is a determining factor. Post's extreme visual precision and effectiveness in terms of content mean that there is not one mediocre link in her oeuvre.

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