High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands

The End of Improvisation. Circus in Flanders
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The End of Improvisation. Circus in Flanders

(André De Poorter) The Low Countries - 2007, № 15, pp. 174-181

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Today the circus in Flanders enjoys variable fortunes. Most enterprises take a pessimistic view of their prospects for survival. On the other hand the Flemish Minister of Culture, Bert Anciaux, wants to turn Flanders into a progressive circus country by creating a centre for circus in Ghent, to be operational in 2008. This is encouraging news, but are all Flemish circuses ready to play a part in what is proposed? Some are too firmly stuck in the past. But if they wish to survive they will have to adapt to the needs of the present time. They must be alert to new ideas and turn their attention to sound, lighting, setting and costume. Most companies have no proper management and their performances lack good stage-management. People from outside the circus will have to be brought in to deal with this, because the era of improvisation is over.

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