High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


High Road to Culture in Flanders and the Netherlands


Translating Quaco

How can we bring to the fore the names and stories of the marginalised of colonial exploitation? How can the stories of the Dutch colonial legacy find its way to an international audience? Henriette Louwerse and Duco van Oostrum at the Univ...


Virtual Dutch

Dutch studies in Britain are not dead or dying. But numbers, and consequently resources, are limited and, if anything, dwindling. Virtual Dutch was devised as at least a partial response to this problem. It is an alliance between the main u...


Time for Business: Dutch Studies in the UK

In 2019 the oldest Centre for Dutch Studies in the UK, housed at the University College London (UCL), celebrates its centenary. One may ask if there is much cause for celebration.


Why Thoughts are Free in the Netherlands

Due to the openness and the usually quick acceptance of various groups the Netherlands has been able to develop as a country in which modern ideas can flourish.


What Do the Dutch Want to Maintain?

In the last episode of the series ‘The DNA of the Netherlands’, we find out what the national motto ‘Je maintiendrai’ really stands for.


The Top 7 Literature Stories of the Year

Join us in bidding goodbye to 2022 with seven of the finest literature stories we published this year that are worth re-reading or listening to again.

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