12 x Erwin Olaf in Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum has been a major source of inspiration for Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf since his early youth. From 3 July he shows in the Amsterdam museum his photographs in dialogue with Dutch paintings.


The Malleable Rembrandt

Dutch art often appears in debates about identity, and this always happens in terms of what is 'own' and 'foreign' to it. Rembrandt in particular turns out to be very 'malleable'.


Watching The Night Watch Together

Rineke Dijkstra’s new film installation Night Watching shows 14 groups of people looking at Rembrandt’s The Night Watch.


Dieter De Schutter: King

Dieter De Schutter drew a graphic story inspired by the masked figure on a ferry in a 370-year-old river landscape. ‘I can never step out of line.’


The Rijksmuseum Finally Opens Its Doors Again

In April 2013, after a renovation lasting more than ten years, the doors of the famous and iconic Rijksmuseum, the national museum of the Netherlands in Amsterdam, opened again. The article presents the renovation of the building and the n...


Dawn of the Golden Age

About the exhibition ‘Dawn of the Golden Age' held at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and its catalogue: it gave an overview of Dutch art between 1580 and 1620, the period which led up to the Golden Age itself. (‘Dawn of the Golden Age. North...


'Batavia' Shows Its Silverware in 3D

The Western Australian Museum will make 3D scans to visualise the 17th century silverware that was found in the shipwreck of the ‘Batavia’.


Museum Explorer

Never a dull moment in Flanders and The Netherlands. Art, history, language or literature, you name it, there is a museum for everyone's taste in the Low Countries. Let Museum Explorer be your guide.


Edna Azulay: night owls

Edna Azulay has composed an ode to the intoxication of 'The Drunken Couple' by Jan Steen.


Sanne Pieters: Milked Out

A still life with cheese, that’s all Sanne Pieters needs to dissect gender roles. ‘I watch you a lot: you and that favourite cow of yours.'


Amarylis De Gryse: Ordinary Men

Amarylis De Gryse got inspired by the painting 'The Company of Captain Albert Bas and Lieutenant Lucas Conijn'. She explores the inner life of a militiaman.


Bring on the Language Police!

Words become outlawed, and people with different opinions soon accuse the other party of engaging in ‘framing’. Are the language police just round the corner?

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